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We believe that the term “starving artist” belongs in the past.

That artists should be able to make a living off of their work.
That modern technology makes it possible and the new economy makes it necessary.

That the value of artwork should be set democratically.
That artists and art lovers determine prices, not dealers and commissions.

That the art community is a catalyst for change.
From abstract to satire, we inspire people to think, and think differently.

Together, artists and the people who love what they do will change the art world forever. Artists should be able to pursue their creative passion and share it with a buying public... without worrying about “paying the bills.”

Artarys is how we make these beliefs a reality. 



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The current state of how artwork is bought, sold, appraised, etc... is archaic and begs for disruption. Together, we will expand the art market and make it more accessible and democratic. We will give artists a new platform to generate income in a life-changing way.

We have two objectives: Put as much money into the hands of artists as possible - and make original pieces of artwork affordable for everyone.

The innovation behind the Artarys platform makes this possible and we are working with amazing people to make it even better. We cannot wait to share it with to you.


We are sincerely grateful that you have taken the time to visit Artarys. We hope that your relationship with us will continue as we develop and launch. It takes courageous individuals like yourself - who are passionate enough to explore and become early adopters - that are catalysts for revolutions like Artarys.

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