by Brian Delano

I’ve always had plans to have big plans; I now have plans that could be big. In the meantime, I’ll stoke my creative fires by delivering high quality works of art (each guaranteed to happily contain a small bit of my soul) to you, my patrons, for a modest fee.

I hope to someday digitize a bit of my own vision of our Universe- to reveal a modicum of the multifaceted face of God ourselves- into something I create. Until that fine day, I am a mercenary of the Muses and I intend to make my way through this world in an appropriate and fulfilling manner.

Plans like the ones I’ve made must be stalked like wild animals. I’ll need to bide my time and get better at every form of expression in which I can excel. If I move too quickly towards my goals, they will either charge me and gore me or spook and run away- rendering my life less consequential. 

So far my pursuits have gone well. My creations seem to cling to people in the spot I’m aiming to strike, where childlike wonder meets inquisitively developed minds. I will keep honing my crafts, paying my bills, feeding my cats (and dog) ((and lady love)), until the time is right to bloom my mind in all directions at once and truly succeed at being. If I can make you things you need in exchange for being able to feed my cats (and dog) ((and lady love)), you will be helping me in my journey while receiving high quality work- which should be the way any noble, capitalistic endeavor functions. This arrangement is the core philosophy of anything I release under the Artarys name- good work for fair payment.

Please browse through my portfolios and let me know if you have any questions or requests.

Thanks for your interest!

-Brian Delano